EVENT NAME – Enter a title for the Event.
WHEN – This is a recurring event – leave unchecked.
Click in the from box which will open a calendar.
Select Month and year as necessary then click on date which will be entered into the box. Leave the To Box empty unless Event covers more than one day.
EVENT STARTS AT – Click in box and select time. In the TO box – Click in box and select end time OR check ALL DAY if necessary.
Ignore Timezone and Location Type.

The Map has a default setting for the Yarwell Village Hall. If this is the location then scroll down to enter details.

To enter an alternative location Click Reset this form to create a location or search again.
This clears the entries and resets the map.
Enter only the house number and road and the Post code and click Search Address.
Note: Entering further details such as City/town or County prevents map from displaying. If entered correctly this will create a map with the pointer close to the correct location.
Left click and hold (or tap and hold) and drag the pointer to the exact location.
To move map, Left click and hold (or tap and hold) and drag the map.
The remainder of the address can then be entered however do not press the Search address button again!
If you have issues, leave the map (admin can fill it in).

Scroll down to the DETAILS text box and type in details of the event.
Please do not enter any personal details, addresses or email addresses unless it is a [email protected] (a YMCPRA forwarding email address can be created for anyone if required).
Select which Category(ies) the event is. History, Defibrillator Fund, YMCPRA.

Upload an image or poster from your device. This will add the image to the media library and will be added by admin. Please indicate in the Details text box an image has been uploaded. ie type [image].


The bookings/registration is not currently availabe so please leave.

Submit Event.

The web administrator will be notified by email of a new event.
The event will be checked and may be amended or deleted if not suitable.

Thank you

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Feel free to print this tutorial